Mountain Orthotics & Prosthetics Services, Lake Placid ~ Plattsburgh

Patient Care

At Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, we address patient care with a team approach. We aim to build a partnership with our patients by engaging their family members, therapists and physicians in order to offer superior care.

We believe in giving our patients choices. We provide our patients with information about all the latest treatment techniques, thereby empowering them to make informed decisions about their care. We consider the whole patient when developing a treatment plan: their condition, their living situation and their goals.

We draw from a wide scope of skills and techniques. We draw from traditional methods, but are not afraid of trying new things. Our dedicated staff uses modern and innovative techniques to develop the most comfortable and lightweight braces and prosthetics possible.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric care requires thoughtful, caring and innovative practitioners who are willing to work with all members of the team: family members, therapist and physicians to develop treatment strategies that work best for each individual child.

Jeff Erenstone CPO, owner and primary practitioner of Mountain O&P, has gained specialized experience in pediatric care. Immediately following his coursework, Jeff completed an internship with Casscade DAFO, a company that is the world leader in Dynamic Orthotic care and has revolutionized pediatric care. Following his internship at Cascade, Jeff practiced for several years at Northwest Orthotics and Prosthetics, a pediatric focused clinic located in Provo , UT. Jeff continued on to NOPCO's office at Children's Hospital in Boston, MA.

What has been most inspirational and instrumental in the development of Jeff's pediatric treatment philosophy has been his experience as a core staff member of Camp No Limits, a summer camp for children with limb loss. Camp No Limit's philosophy is that all kids should have the opportunity to grow, play and explore and not be limited by their disabilities. "Camp No Limits" staff members, volunteers and peer groups work together to ensure that campers of all ages and abilities are able to participate in all types of camp activities, like swimming, biking, dancing and more. Jeff has specifically been responsible for the development of the bike program and continues to assist with many other activities

Jeff draws upon these experiences in his practice, continually working to find better ways to help kids be kids. He believes that for kids, playing is more than a hobby; It's their job. At Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services we are committed to doing our part in allowing kids achieve their potential.

Prosthetic Care

At Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services we focus our care on treating the whole patient and not just their amputation. We believe that it takes more than just designing a high quality prosthesis in order to have a successful fit. We believe that it is just as important to assist the user in learning to use the device, and ensure that they receive the proper follow up care, in order for the patient to achieve their potential. We network with physical therapists and nurses across the North Country to make sure that everyone who wants to use a prosthesis, receives the support they need.

In the interest of making prostheses user friendly, we strive to make them as light, slender, and functional as possible. Jeff Erenstone CPO likes to say, “Keep the prosthesis where you need it and trim it where you don't". We use that latest techniques and materials to ensure that our patients benefit from this rapidly advancing medical field. We work hard to help our patients return to the activities they enjoyed pre-amputation.

Additionally, the Amputee Coalition of America, an organization that helps individuals adapt to the emotional trauma of their amputation, has trained Jeff as an Amputee Supporter. Jeff invites amputees to contact him with any concerns, or to help build these connections whether pursuing our professional services or not.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you or someone you know would benefit from our services.